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Tek Magic

Lumber by Mr. Pearl - Trick

A new touch to a classic! "Out of this World" is a classic that has been loved by magicians for a long time. Truly a genius plot, which is why there are thousands of versions on the market. So, what makes Lumber so special from the others? It will give you a solution for the final lay-out which...

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Piece by Choi Hyo One - Trick

PIECE is a new instructional DVD by the magician Choi Hyo of South Korea who plays a big role in a small theater and performs magic with a new and fresh approach. He won 1st place in the Busan International Magic Festival close-up section and ranked 1st in the 2016 Asian Magic Alliance championship...
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Professional Portable Table by Manos (Tek Magic) - Trick

Professional Portable Table by Manos (Tek Magic) - Trick

Table to go! Set it up, perform brilliantly, and break it down for super portability! Beautifully handcrafted, portable, and durable table for magicians. This table is small and easy to carry. You can easily assemble and produce. Allows you to perform at your very best, while conveying a...

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Scorpion Table Table (Stage) by Tek Magic - Trick

Finally, after 2 years of development and research, Scorpion Table has been released! Scorpion Table allows you to use this one table and transform it into various forms for every possible use! The stage table is octagonal, beautifully crafted in metal with smooth finishing touches. The Scorpion...

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SJ Deluxe Magnetic Three Shell Game by Tek Magic - Trick

Introducing the ULTIMATE magnetic three shell - the SJ Deluxe Magnetic Three Shell Game ! You won't find a magnetic three shell like this. The best quality -- each handmade to look exactly like a normal nutshell. Overcoming all the cons of magnetic three shells, and taking the best aspects of...

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Yu Hojin Manipulation Cards PRO 2016 (Multi Color) by Yu Hojin - Trick

Manipulation cards are no longer disposable, make yours last! 100% handmade! Yu Hojin's masterpiece itself, the manipulation cards he uses for his famous FISM Act! YU HOJIN Manipulation Cards PRO has different features from the original YU HOJIN Manipulation Cards. For the last few years, Yu...

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Choice by Jerome Sauloup in English

Thanks to Brandi M. of MJM Magic, Inc. for rescuing me from drowning in French trying to follow the video instructions for Choice by Jerome Sauloup....

MJM Magic Rocks!

The postal service damaged my order in transit. I emailed MJM Magic and they sent me a replacement extremely quick! They're great people to do...

Going elsewhere was a nightmare!

I always order from MJM Magic but made the mistake of ordering from a well known magic company which runs constant sales of up to 60% off, thinking I...

First Magic Purchase

I made my first ever purchase of magic items through MJM recently as there is no shop in my city. I chose the free shipping option, and everything...


All I can say is WOW! I've never been so impressed with quality customer service as I have from's second to none! I'm a true MJM...