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Tempo Plus Playing Cards Set

  • Manufactured by: ARK Playing Cards


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Tempo Plus Concept - UV Electro-optic Box Set

Turn the unconstrained creativity into reality

"Plus" is the concept version of TEMPO. Just as its literal definition, 'Plus' stands for: 'Going Further'. We hope to push innovation to the extreme, conceive bolder design ideas, and to materialize unconstrained creativity into real products.

How do we push TEMPO's design style to its extreme? This is a question we have been asking ourselves constantly when designing the TEMPO Plus. After six months of research and development and refining, we have found the answer: Combining with two-color UV light fluorescence technology to creating the ultimate visual shock with the ultimate visual contrast.

Tempo Plus adds UV two-color light variable printing technology to the original tempo box, which is probably the boldest application of this technology in the field of cardistry so far.

Normal State:

Under the indoor lighting, tempo's original high-profile pattern design is completely hidden, replaced by the minimalist style of black and white style. Even card pips in the face completely disappears, leaving only corner index for easy identification. Its superiority is hidden beneath its low-key appearance. Awaiting to amaze the world with its one single brilliant feat.

Shining State:

When the UV light is turned on and the UV light shines on the cards, the minimalist design elements magically disappear, and instead, a chic trendy style comes soaring back at you. You will be at awe as you embrace the marvelous sight and the great visual impact never before seen.

The gift box comes with an aluminum alloy UV lighting pen (lithium battery), cool telescopic gift box set protection case. Limited to 2500, with individually numbered seal.


  • Independent Research & Development: Dual-colored UV light fluorescence technology.
  • Independent Research & Development: The world's first three-layer telescopic card box structure.
  • An aluminum alloy lithium UV light-emitting pen is included in the gift box.
  • Self-elevating gift box and protective case.
  • Limited to 2500 sets. Individually numbered seal.

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