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That's Impossible! by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

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This e-book has four beautiful routines with patter, by some of the masters of magic, brought up to date by Paul, and presented to the magic community! DO NOT PASS THIS UP! These are professional routines that will make you smile!

THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! - The "title cut" from a Jack Avis effect. Marlo marveled at the genius of this effect...he LOVED it! This full routine features an impossible transposition of selections! ,The cards may be borrowed AND signed by the spectators! This is devious! Wait until you see the ingenious method employed!

CHANGES - Al Leech (creator of RED HOT MAMA), presents a full-scale routine that will freak your spectators out! Imagine the four Aces, one-at-a time changing into the four Kings...then suddenly SNAP BACK into Aces! The four Kings are found face-up in the middle of the deck! There are NO thick multiple packet switches...this one is easy to do and the modus operandi is simplicity itself! BRILLIANT!

OIL & WATER - This ingenious routine (as presented and performed by Darwin Ortiz) is SO DECEPTIVE...even the performer won't know how it works! This is the best one out there and the hilarious patter makes this routine a pleasure to perform...and SO EASY TO DO!

TRAP & TRADE - J.K. Hartman's genius is on display in this fun routine! The four Queens are presented and the two black Queens are placed into the card box. A selection is then lost into the deck. The red Queens are sent to search for the rogue selection. The red Queens "capture" a card...which turns out to be the two black Queens! The selection is found in the card box! This is a masterful study of a brilliant plot!

Download the eBook and videos, and learn!

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