The Boris Wild Marked Deck (BLUE) by Boris Wild - Trick

Sale: $16.40

I love this deck. I do a dumb routine with this that is entertaining and always gets laughs. I announce that I have been gifted with such a highly sensitive sense of smell that I can determine the color,suit, and value of any card in the deck by sense of smell alone! I don't let the spec reveal the card until the end of the trick.

Have your volunteer (or volunteers) shuffle the deck and multiply cut the deck. and hold it under your nose. Take e a sniff (or sniffs while deeply concentrating and announce its color, Then repeat with the other items. HAM THIS UP ! ("Its gotta be a queen! The gals always smell better than the guys!, etc, etc)

Wind up having the spec reveal the card. Take your bow.

Sometimes I very this be pretending to be a human lie detector.

Date Added: 01/08/2019 by Vince Boehm (AKA Cheap Trick)


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