The Man Who Knows PRO / PARLOR (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Liam Montier, Matt Lingard and Kaymar Magic

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  • Manufactured by: Kaymar Magic Company UK


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New larger size perfect for close up or platform performances!

Same self-working and devious method!

New double size postcards on luxury 400gsm full-color stock!

You bring out a mysterious red envelope which you leave in full view, and five gorgeous full-color postcards, which show five famous magicians from years gone by - there's Thurston, Kellar, Alexander, Vonarx and Houdini. Each one is in a black envelope, and a spectator freely mixes them together.

You also show a deck of cards (this can be borrowed) and your spectator freely chooses one of the envelopes, and one of the cards from the pack.

'The idea is that we'll do a trick in the style of the magician you chose, using the card you chose! Let's see what you got.'

Your spectator chose 'Alexander' and the Four of Clubs.

'Alexander was a mind-reader, or mentalist. He'd have read your mind, or made a prediction. A bit like this one, in this red envelope...'

You open up the red envelope, and remove an 'Alexander' poster!

'But how he knew your card, not even I could tell you that...'

You unfold the Alexander poster to reveal the Four of Clubs, revealed in the crystal ball!

Package includes the gorgeous postcards, five black envelopes, one red envelope, full-color A4 prediction poster, and two video links - one to the original instructions for the smaller version, and the other for a new video with an alternative handling for the postcard version.

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