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The Process by Andrew Gerard - DVD

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This is easily one of the best investments I've made from this site. It really is an eye opening experience when you watch Andrew and Bro discuss how to properly make an impact and the way in which we all SHOULD approach magic. At the end of the day, it's ALL about the SPECTATORS and we've all been guilty of making it all about ourselves with over the top sleights and patter, what Andrew does is strip all that away with his process to actually connect with the audience that will in fact hit them on a level that they can emotionally feel, which is the exact reactions we all search for. The stuff that they will remember for years to come, rather than go right back to their conversation they were in before you approach them on the street/table.

In today's age, so much emphasis is placed on magician fooler, why is that? We don't practice so we can hunt down a fellow performer and astound them to inflate our ego and be the best in town. It's practically become a dick measuring contest that impresses no one at the end of the night. It's all about the astonishment we give to the crowds and it's very apparent this shift has occurred with all the flashy trailers and rapid cut videos online. Most spectators can't grasp a two minute sybil cut at lightening speed in the middle of an ambitious card routine. This makes me believe the 2 star review below completely missed the mark of this video by saying less theory and more tricks. The effects taught (which are delightful and I'm certain will work wonders with this process and rapport built with an audience) are honestly a bonus, the theories and concepts are what you're investing in. From there, you can test drive the concept with the effects taught, then when you see how well they play, it'll inspire you to add this to so many other effects you have lying around; to breathe new life into them rather than an endless routine of one trick and another....and another, etc.

Look, if you want to set yourself apart from uncle Joe at the family BBQ who happens to know a nifty trick or twelve, this DVD will put you leaps and bounds ahead. I'm certainly putting massive thought into how I can make this work for most, if not all the effects I own or do. If you do magic, you do it to give that childlike wonder to your audience, to temporarily suspend their disbelief...I'm extraordinarily confident The Process is the key to that success
Date Added: 06/14/2018 by Caleb Miller


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