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The Process by Andrew Gerard - DVD

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I love everything Andrew Gerard puts out. I like "magical mentalism," and he really does a great blend of those two worlds. His philosophy about magic has really changed how I will be thinking about my magic from now on. This process that he describes is really something every magician could benefit from. If you are a professional and have done magic for years you will probably take a lot out of this both in the effects he teaches, and in the advice he gives.

I've looked at many, many methods for a drawing duplication. This is probably the most practical method I have ever seen.

His version of out of this world is great.

One of the best impromptu, and practical, ACAAN with a borrowed deck I've seen. Really it is a Thought of Card, and thought of number with two people.

He presents one more effect that is difficult to describe, but it is a great revelation to a thought of card. Really outside of the box thinking.
Date Added: 06/14/2018 by Pepe Ruiz


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