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Whilst this training video may only be 46 minutes long, it is full of pure gold.

And it also comes with two PDF e-books, one of which teaches dozens of impressive card tricks and techniques, whilst the other reveals magic tricks that can easily be performed using normal everyday objects.

You will be taught how to make a special gimmick that makes forcing any card you desire so easy and seemingly fair and random that this method has fooled many knowledgeable, experienced magicians. Using it, you can perform numerous apparent miracles of "skilled" card magic without having to practice for months & months to get mind-blowing results.

Arguably the most visually impressive penetration of a rubber band through a solid pencil or pen that you will ever see, perform or learn -- it is then exposed in great detail.

Four professional card tricks from Royle's working repertoire are taught which will also teach you the Double Lift, Ghost Count aka Elmsley Count, The Jordan Count, Hammond Count and Optical Counts, all of which can be used in numerous other card tricks and routines to great effect once you have studied, practiced and mastered them.

A short but powerful Cups and Balls routine is taught along with a One Cup Chop Cup style version where a Glass ends up penetrating through the table at the conclusion of the routine.

This video was originally filmed circa 1999 and is intended only for those who are or consider themselves to be BEGINNERS in the field of magic.

However, together with the two PDF e-books, you will be able to learn and Master literally dozens of card tricks and also numerous tricks using all manner of ordinary, borrowed everyday objects.

Download the e-book and videos - and learn!

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