The Social Prediction by Debjit Magic - video DOWNLOAD


Debjit has found a utility with the most popular social media site. The method is clever and will...
Date Added: 09/05/2018 by Gordon B
A natural and clever concept that in a pre-show situation is also excellent. It's a modern day...
Date Added: 09/05/2018 by Anonymous
I bought this today with no regrets. I plan to use it in my show not only amaze but to build my...
Date Added: 09/05/2018 by Greg Dwyer
Very cool trick. Can get quite good reactions if done properly. Get it if it fits your style of...
Date Added: 09/05/2018 by Danilo Faria
The video was well made and easy to follow with a few variations demonstrated. The method is fairly...
Date Added: 09/05/2018 by Baron Lockhart
Fantastic idea, I used to do this with a much more expensive app that you could only do on your own...
Date Added: 09/05/2018 by Mind Reader Singapore


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