The Social Prediction by Debjit Magic - video DOWNLOAD


Brilliant effect. And it works - for now, anyway! LOL. I'm going to be using this. Chaudhuri gives you some different options concerning method, presentation, and walks you through the technical part with clear instructions and screenshots. The spectator accesses your Facebook page from their own smartphone, and all looks like it should. Chaudhuri gives you an option where you have to touch your own phone prior to the reveal, and one where you don't. He presents one version where the spectator writes down the information but never verbalizes it, and another where they just tell you what they're thinking. It's a great effect to do from another room or over the telephone, too, and would be even easier to do that way. If you have a smartphone, then you're all set and there's nothing else (ie, apps) to purchase. I never would have thought of this or known how to pull it off without this download, and for the price it's a steal. No idea how long this will work, but as long as it does it's a really clever idea.
Date Added: 08/06/2018 by Scott Barden


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