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The Vault - Energy Bill by Andrew Gerard video DOWNLOAD


I salute Andrew for releasing this effect.(I wouldn't have)
Learn this one in minutes, use it for a lifetime!

I've added this to my paper money routine and IT KILLS! Energy Bill can truly be done impromptu using the spectators own bill. There is no switch before or after, it's clean and it's truly easy to perform. There is nothing to hide, nothing added or taken away.

Few effects look as good in person as they are in the sales video, but this one works exactly as demonstrated. Yes, you can get slightly different results with different bills and when working on different surfaces.

It does require getting a feel with different bills, but there is no real skill required. I have my eight year old grandson performing this effect flawlessly. Pricy for a one trick effect, maybe, but worth every penny. Had I saw this live I would have been glad to pay Fifty $$$ for the secret. This odd principle is built right into any American currency, in fact I find that 20's work even better for my handling and story patter.

Andrew really teaches this effect thoroughly making it easy to learn. It's one of those things that when you first learn the secret, you'll say, ya right. But it works, and you'll amaze yourself just playing with this little known principal.

I've fooled well grounded Magicians with this effect, it's that good. You start clean, end clean, no switches, no thread work, and you are guaranteed to amaze anyone you perform this for. Perfect for both beginners and long time Pro's

You won't be disappointed, GET THIS ONE!
Date Added: 04/19/2018 by Pete Peterson


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