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Date Added: 04/29/2023

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This is not a $25 download. The demo video shows a much younger Casper and many other different people, of those, I think only of those people are in the tutorial. This is not the first 'The Vault with Bro Gilbert' I have been disappointed with and I believe that I will probably just ignore anymore Bro Gilbert recommendations, nor do I think I will look at anything else by 6 Shadows. This download consists of two videos (total run time almost 1.5 hours), The amount of time spent explaining things, much of it repetitive, does make the tutorial rather difficult to watch in one setting, I had to pause, walk away and come back later to watch some more. Instead of presenting the tricks before talking about them, there was some monologue first, then the card trick, followed by the explanation and more monologue. It is too bad that the volunteers were not available to share their side of the experience. Hearing how they perceived the effects would have been beneficial. The demonstrations were recorded from years prior while the teaching was recorded recently. In my humble opinion, the teaching was ad libbed and followed no script. There was a lot of repetitive monologue and also numerous slip ups, having to correct himself with what he had said. The amnesia card trick was demonstrated in a private setting by a much younger Casper, his participant, and the camera. No spectators.... as a private demonstration for just one person, I do not feel that this will be very effective or entertaining and I would suggest learning some actual waking hypnosis techniques. With the exception of one card and the patter, this is the same thing as Cerebral Steal by James Brown. The water/alcohol demonstration, is achievable but it is not practical. This was performed by the much younger Casper again, though with spectators, unfortunately the camera angle was not flattering with their reactions and were not captured well during the participants recognition of the suggestions. There are better things available for pseudo hypnosis demonstrations.
by Claude S.
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