The Vault - Lazy Man's Penetrations by Danny Urbanus video DOWNLOAD


This is well worth the practice time you need to put into this. Very visual eye candy. The reason it got 4 stars is because the tutorial is not filmed over the shoulder like it should ALL TUTORIALS SHOULD BE! When are these guys going to understand that the brain has to constantly try to figure out the mirror image it sees and decode it...flip everything around. His left hand is my right hand, fingers, direction of everything you see is backwards. Crazy. When you take piano lessons, does the teacher sit down at a piano facing you with the keyboard flipped end for end? No. They sit next to you.

Also, the teaching is just terrible. He goes too fast, talks too fast, doesn't repeat steps often enough, isn't clear in his explanation of what he is doing (besides doing it backwards). He needs to understand that when you are explaining rubber band tricks, the strands of the band become blurred into one another at times. You can't tell which strand is being stretched or wrapped around a finger, etc...I've spent several hours and still can't figure it out.

The price is right but if you can't master the trick because of inadequate teaching skills of the creator, it might as well be $1,000. Oh well, guess I'll put in another 4 hours trying to figure out what's going on behind his hands because he doesn't show you. Another tutorial needs to be made. And to all you magicians out there who make tutorials but still haven't figured out how the brain works....OVER THE SHOULDER!!
Date Added: 12/02/2019 by Kuglio


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