The Vault - Rock Paper Lies Plus by Jay Di Biase video DOWNLOAD


This is easy to learn, simple to perform but has a wide appeal. The game of Rock, Paper, Scissors...
Date Added: 01/25/2019 by Thom Parkin
This really is a worker and propless mentalism at its best. Some weeks ago, I performed RPL to a...
Date Added: 02/14/2016 by Michael Frey
RPL is the perfect impromptu Mentalism effect. No set up, no pre-show and nothing to write down....
Date Added: 04/18/2016 by TheCount1313
This is basically an enhanced version of Banachek's Ring of Truth from his Psi Series. But don't...
Date Added: 04/23/2016 by Anonymous
I'm giving this a 4 because, for me, I had to, and will still need to, go over the video a few more...
Date Added: 05/30/2016 by Anonymous
Such a great effect. Simple, direct and universally understood as a premise. Worth every penny!
Date Added: 10/26/2016 by James Brown


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