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The Vault - Shadow by Morgan Strebler video DOWNLOAD

  • Manufactured by: Matthew (Morgan) Strebler

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Did you ever try to move your hand so fast that, just maybe, you could leave your shadow behind?

Morgan Strebler has finally cracked the shadow code to make your dreams come true!

You're hanging out with a couple of people, playing with shadows...talking about the time you spent as a kid trying to "out run" your shadow. You slowly move your arm back and forth where its shadow naturally follows. You attempt to jerk your arm away for a quick get-away from your shadow... but no luck.

You make one final sudden move with your arm...when THE IMPOSSIBLE HAPPENS. The arm's SHADOW stays FROZEN in ONE SPOT as your REAL ARM MOVES almost a foot away! An astonishing second or two later, your arm shadow and your real arm re-connect......where the shadow once again naturally follows the movement of your arm.
  • Perform ANYWHERE you can cast a shadow
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Day or night
  • Wear anything you want
  • You can even hold a borrowed object in your hand to "personalize" the frozen shadow
Morgan's Shadow is elegantly accomplished by the simple yet ingenious choreography of bodies, lights and shadows. So, minor audience management skills are required.

Note that Shadow is best presented as an organic "Miracle Moment" for two or three lucky people at a time.

Morgan's two favorite PK Touches' routines straight from his professional performances.

You blow on one spectator's hand while another person a distance away feels the same blowing sensation on their own hand.

You pour a packet of sugar onto the back of one spectator's hand while another person a distance away feels "invisible" sugar pouring onto the back of their own hand.

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