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The Vault - The Mysterious Puzzle of the Missing Dollar Bill by Nicholas Einhorn video DOWNLOAD


I can't say enough good things about this trick. No one will ever figure it out. No one. They might figure out the "flaw" in the story line, but when you do it with the actual currency they're left speechless with nowhere to turn.

There are two gimmicks which need to be made. They are simple to make, takes about 5 minutes for both and you only have to make them once. The only possible downside to it, which has never happened to me in the dozens of times I've performed it, is if they swiftly snatch all the bills and examine them. If you're afraid of that happening, just get a Himber wallet and put the exact amount of the same currency, without the gimmicks, in the "other" compartment and perform worry-free.

This will totally baffle any "genius" in the crowd. Very clever and sophisticated trick. Not meant to be performed for drunks, idiots, loudmouths or kids. Choose a quiet setting, mature adults and you have yourself a miracle.
Date Added: 01/17/2019 by Larry Kugelman


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