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The Vault - Vibe by Bob Solari video DOWNLOAD


Vibe is like an early Beatles song. It is simple, perfect and an instant classic. With Vibe, Solari scores again! The method behind Vibe is clever and it truly makes miracles possible, without any skill. It is so easy to use a vibed deck that you can give it to a novice and make them look like a pro.

You get a 37 minute DVD or download which is well produced by Murphy’s Magic. The performances and explanations are all clear and very easy to understand. Truth be told, once you do the five minute one time set-up, you are off and running. You will never look back.

Solari performs and explains Out Of This Galaxy (a variation of Out of This World ---- obviously) in which he glances at a spectator shuffled deck and then is able to separate the red from black cards one at a time, without looking at the cards.

Got The Vibe is another great trick in which Solari demonstrates how the performer can detect when the spectator sees his card, which is unknown to the performer, by reading his thoughts. Solari does a variation of this trick called 4 of Any Kind. Both are very impressive.

Bill Wisch teaches Covert Vibrations, using Solari’s method and really ups the game with a kicker ending. Wisch explains how he can tell the difference in weight between the red and black cards and separate them by color, under a handkerchief or table napkin, that the spectator is holding above the cards. Half the cards get thrown face down into the napkin and the other half remain face down under the napkin. When the napkin is moved, there are 2 face down piles. All the cards on top of the napkin are one color and all the cards under the napkin are the other color. The two piles under the napkin contain all the even cards in one and all the odd cards in the other.

The ad copy and the promotional video are both 100% accurate. It is all true; self working, easy, no skill needed, and easily adaptable to routines you are already doing.

Although some may be reluctant to hand out the deck to spectators, I do not think that will present a problem. In fact, some tricks call for the spectator’s to pick and hold cards. I have handed out my vibed deck to at least a dozen spectators, asked them to shuffle the deck and cut it and have not had any issues.

This trick is worth every penny. If you don’t know any of Bob Solari’s other work and you buy this deck, you will immediately be converted to Solari-ism. What are you waiting for? Get it!
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