Traveling Gifts by Tommy James

How DOES he do it? How is it possible for Santa to deliver presents to kids all over the world in just ONE night? Easy! Teleportation! Huh???

Display a large square tube on a stand representing the North Pole. Lift the tube from the base and show three beautifully colored gifts. 

Phase 1: Begin removing the gifts from the pole and place them into Santa's toy bag. (Provided) Explain to the kids that it would be impossible for Santa to carry enough gifts on his sleigh for every kid in the world. When Santa begins to run out of gifts, he simply summons more gifts from the North Pole using teleportation. Huh? Offer to demonstrate. 

One by one you remove the three gifts from the toy bag, placing them onto the North Pole and cover it with the tube. You explain that when Santa needs more presents, he simply places his fingertips to his temples and summons a gift from the North Pole by simply concentrating. You demonstrate while making a funny sound, as if the theme from the Twilight Zone is playing. Upon removing the tube from the stand, the kids can see the yellow gift is gone! You turn the toy bag over, dumping the yellow gift from the bag and showing that the gift has teleported! Instant applause!

Phase 2: Offer to demonstrate again with the blue gift. Thread the gifts onto the pole again and cover them. You begin concentrating with your fingertips to your temples. Upon lifting the tube, the blue gift is seemingly gone. But wait...the toy bag is empty. Huh? What happened? Magician lifts the tube from the table, showing it empty too. But, upon lifting the tube, the kids see the blue gift sitting on your table. The magician does not see it, but the kids do and instant laughter breaks out. The magician has blundered. They know the magician has failed. The magician quickly  tries to cover the mistake by quickly placing the blue gift into the bag. But the kids can catch on. 

Phase 3: Invite a child volunteer to give it a try. But you explain to the audience that little kids do not have the power to teleport. But you'll be kind enough to let them give it a try. Thread the gifts back onto the pole and cover them. Have your helper place their fingers to their temples and concentrate. Upon lifting the tube, the audience can see that the yellow gift has indeed vanished. You reach into the toy bag and remove the gift! The helper has indeed made a gift teleport to the bag! You whisper to the audience to NOT clap for the helper. But of course, the entire audience breaks out into loud applause for the child. 

The North Pole stands 12-1/2" high. The gifts are 3-1/2" square and the colors are bright and vibrant. The Tube is 11-1/2" high and 4" square. The gifts are hollow making the entire outfit very light-weight and easy to transport. Complete with Santa's toy bag and Tommy's complete, hilarious, three-phase routine! 

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  • Manufactured by: Tommy James

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