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I do think that the ad should be much clearer - there is only ONE prop in the box - and it is, as advertised, not something you'd use in most situations - but it is definitely something that will shock and amaze . . . some! My concern is that there are no other "props" - just a password that does take you to a series of video tutorials. I am not at all sure I would have spent $25 (special price) for this had I been told that there are a series of videos - props not included. I will, of course, look at all the videos and I may make up some of the props, but I just felt a bit "hmmm - this is not quite right" about the whole thing being a series of videos sans props. I know I would have been VERY "HMMM - this is quite wrong!" had I spent $50.00 on it. Wish I were a bit happier - Paul C
Date Added: 02/28/2019 by Paul C.



I just wanted to say thanks MJM for being effecient. I ordered two DVD's a day apart in two seperate orders but when I was expecting one of them to...

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I ordered several items but could not find them to download. Well, it turned out that I had two accounts and Brandi M. stuck with tracking the...

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Fantastic service and very pleasant communication with this dealer. I recommand MJM Magic to all my freinds magician and prospect.