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FREE OFFER - "Impromptu Rising Card Miracle by Richard Sanders!"

"Our FAVORITE Impromptu Card Rising Effect is available - $19.95 or FREE WITH QUALIFYING ORDERS!"

Richard Sanders is one of our favorite magic creators.

His teaching style is so easy to follow, and his effects are reputation-makers.

UPRISING is Richard's method for performing a RISING CARD MIRACLE.......completely IMPROMPTU!  That means no threads, no magnets, etc.  

Watch it performed here: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/uprising-by-richard-sanders-dvd-p-16560.html

Pretty impressive, especially when you consider:

  • You can use ANY DECK!
  • There are NO GIMMICKS!
  • You can perform surrounded, so the angles are AMAZING!

If you want to purchase this by itself, the price is only $19.95, and that's a steal!

You will learn:

  • The one hand rise
  • The two hand rise
  • The hank rise (cloth included with purchase!)
  • Thought of card rise
  • Thought of card technique session
  • Miracle psychology
  • and more on over 60 minutes of DVD video instruction!

All that for only $19.95!  

Purchase it here (LIMITED SUPPLY): https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/uprising-by-richard-sanders-dvd-p-16560.html


Oh yes, there's more.  This item is already accessible at only $19.95.   So if you're on a budget, that's a fantastic price by itself.

However, if you plan to make a larger purchase of $100 or more, then we will give you UPRISING for FREE!

Let me state that again for those in the back: submit an order of $100 or more, and you will get UPRISING FOR FREE!  That's a $20.00 value!

Here is what you need to do (follow these steps closely):

1.  Add at least $100 of items in your online shopping cart.

2.  Be sure that UPRISING is part of your order.

3.  On the checkout page, use this special coupon code in the redeem box: UPRISING

That's it!   As long as UPRISING is in your shopping cart AND you have at least $100.00 worth of items, then it will deduct the entire cost of Uprising and you will get it freely sent to you!

If you want to place an  order via email, just let us  know what you want and we can process it via email for you!

And if something isn't working with the coupon or you're having trouble, please contact us here.

LOW STOCK NOTICE - We just got word that we have less than 50 units of UPRISING remaining in our inventory, and we won't be getting anymore.   So once they're all purchased, that's it.  Bye bye.   Adios.   Arriverderci. 

If you go to the UPRISING link and it says Sold Out, then we're sorry but that means you missed your chance to get this incredible title.

But if it doesn't say Sold Out, then that means we still have some available!   Add it to your cart and purchase for only $19.95........or include it in a $100 order and use coupon code UPRISING to get it.


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