Vanishing Metal Cane (Black) by Taiwan Ben Magic - Trick

Sale: $42.75

The best cane I ever got, works so well that it took me a few try before I was able to grab it...
Date Added: 03/10/2020 by Reynald Deschamps


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This has to be the best magic site I have ever used. I must say I have been using it for a long time now, and I am even an affiliate. I hope to do...

The Wal-Mart for magic

This site is truely the Wal-Mart for all your magic needs. You can be guaranteed the best price and reliable service.


Sure didn't take them long to win me over. Bravo MJM Magic!

Considerate and helpful advice.

Jeff Mash was fst to reply and gave me considered and helpful advice and links in response to my online query. Thank you MJM magic. David Williams

No problem!

Had a problem with an instructional DVD, that wouldn't play. No reply from the manufacturer on a replacement DVD. Jeff Mash from MJM Magic, on a...