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At ThoughtCast Magic, we have been working on a new generation of device so incredible, so powerful, and so versatile, that magicians begged us not to release it. But we wanted every magician to be able to perform miracles with a device that hides in plain sight right in the palm of their hand.

Introducing the Versa Remote.

Versa is the only remote control made specifically for real magicians and mentalists. The remote is made of an impact resistant, flesh-tone plastic, so it can be easily held and concealed in the hand, in plain sight. It's designed to look like a finger, and your spectators can stare right and your hand and never suspect a thing. Plus, Versa is the only remote to sport a fingerprint texture design, camouflaging it even more right at your fingertips. Each of the 15 buttons of the versa remote are made of solid metal, and they have been meticulously designed to provide feedback on every press. And the buttons are raised so they can easily be felt through a pants or jacket pocket. With 15 buttons, Versa has the most buttons of any remote ever made for magicians and mentalists in a size this small. It sports both a number pad and directional pad configuration, so it works seamlessly with all your favorite magic apps.

Versa stands for versatile. You can use it for your show to control your music and lighting from your fingertips, then use it to perform mentalism miracles. Versa also pairs to and controls a variety of watches directly, no phone required. SB Watch to Turner Watch, even Kronaby and Fossil, if you use a magic watch in your show to reveal a thought of time, Versa is just the tool you need to wow your audience with ease. But that's just the beginning. With Versa, you can make a revelation on someone else's phone. Ask to borrow their phone, open any app, then type in your prediction. Whatever number they think of or whatever word they think of is on their phone. After you make your prediction and set their phone aside, you never touch it again!

Works on both iOS and Android, no special apps are needed.

You can even perform insane magic with a borrowed phone. Start and stop their Spotify playlist, change their brightness, even switch their apps without ever touching their device. And when you're done, switch versa off and you end clean. It's that easy. If that wasn't enough, Versa is the only remote first of its kind to perform a book test. That's right, Versa lets you make a book test revelation on any their phone. Type in your word revelation and put their phone aside. Then, let them choose a word from a book. When they look at their phone, the word they thought of is staring them back in the face. No memory work, no apps, just an incredibly powerful effect using a borrowed phone and Versa.

The Versa Remote is the only one with this many features and this many possibilities, in this small of a package, it will change the way you perform magic forever.

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  • Manufactured by: ThoughtCast Magic
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