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Visions (Past) Playing Cards

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  • Manufactured by: DECKIN AROUND


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Past Edition Teal only 1108 made.

These decks SHIMMAH!!

You will notice throughout the deck, that there are groups of 3 randomly placed dots. These dots signify the past, present, and future.

The back design was created in such a way that each person can interpret their own meaning from what they see. To us the arrows signify our dreams or visions. The two half circles on opposite ends of the card represent our goals. The random lines, edges, and points are all the obstacles that cross our path to try and thwart us from achieving our goals. The intricate filigree shows us that along our journey there is much beauty within the chaos.

For our aces, we wanted to display powerful figures. Figures that embody the duality of our own thoughts. The aces in Visions symbolize the voices in our heads, both positive and negative. These aces are the driving thoughts and emotions brought to life in our court cards.

We wanted our court cards to be unique. Something you don't normally see in a deck of cards. What we came up with are twelve court cards that we are extremely proud of. In the Visions courts you will see varying clothing styles, symbols, and races from which we drew our inspiration.

The emotions and symbology you see in the courts of Visions are passed on from our aces. The black suits personify our positive thoughts, while the red suits pull from the negative. Without one, we can't have the other.

As with any custom-styled deck, we couldn't leave the number cards standard. In Visions Playing Cards you'll notice arrows under the corner pips representing our goals and dreams.

We have double dyptych jokers which has a story of their own. If you'd like to read the stories about our jokers you can check out our Kickstarter campaign.

We gave you 2 extra cards that can be used in telling you a little about the deck. Each time you look at just these two cards, we hope you remember what this deck is all about. Remember to keep pushing, and you will get to your destination.
  • Cards printed with cold foil on backs and faces
  • Fully Custom Aces, Jokers, Court Cards, and Number Cards
  • The tuck box is printed by Clove St Press with 3 foils.
  • B9 Slimline Stock
  • Numbered Seals out of 1108
  • Designed by Arcadia Playing Cards
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