Visual Matrix AKA Rose Act Valorous Silver (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Will Tsai and SansMinds - Trick

Remember the shiver down your spine when you first saw The Rose Act on AGT? It was a historical moment. The elegance and impossible visual took the public world by storm, and the innovative thinking behind the magic led everybody in our community talking about it.

After the show was aired, Will got a call from the network informing him of the rating, and that the viral growth of his segment was equivalent to 12 years of magic on AGT combined. It was a historical moment as we were all jumping up and down like fools celebrating the madness. 300 million views after, this single act has not only made Will Tsai one of the highest-paid magicians in the 21st century, it has more importantly made a mark in the history of magic.

Now, you can own a piece of history.

We've seen tons of terrible knock offs along the way and received complaints from people believing they purchased Will's original act at a $1500-2000USD price point but couldn't get it to work. The truth is, Will never revealed his real secrets... until now.

"The devil is in the details."

Releasing the act was never a part of the plan. However, after seeing so many supporting fans that have been ripped off, Will has decided to do a release AT THE COST of making them as he believes the knowledge and the result of his years of research deserve to stay in the history of magic.

Since this is a project we aim to share and pass down the knowledge properly at cost, we, unfortunately, cannot make this a permanent item.It is limited.

We don't know how many SansMinds is making as their master prop specialists are making it in their spare time between their productions and TV projects.

This is not just an act. It's a piece of history you can own, collect, and perform. Again, only a limited quantity.

This is the only magic act in AGT history to get 40 million views in 40 hours.

Now, you can be a part of magic history.

We will not have enough for everyone and it is not meant to be for everyone.

Who is this for?

  • If you are serious about the art of magic.
  • If you are serious about owning a piece of history.
  • If you are serious about learning all the thinking that goes into the Rose Act.
  • If you are serious about using this act to learn and inspire yourself to create a masterpiece for yourself.

This is strictly for those who are committed to learn and be a part of magic history.

Customer Questions:

  • Q. Is this a gimmick we can perform right away? Need some adjustments?
  • A. No, you can't do it right away. You will need a lot of practice. No adjustments are needed. But I think it's not really for closeup. The best is for TV Shows.

  • Q. Is it possible to do with Euro coins?
  • A. Yes, you can use every (thin) coin.

  • Q. If we want to swap the rose petals, what can we use instead?
  • A. Tiny paper sheets or any small objects.

  • Q. How close can the spectator be to the table without seeing the secret?
  • A. Not too close. I think the best view is from the top or as a cam stood at AGT.

  • Q. Must we have special lighting?
  • A. Yes, if not people might catch something weird.

  • Q. Is it easy to carry around?
  • A. Not really, because you are carrying a 16 pound (large) frame around. The best is for stage magic and not walk around.

  • Q. How much does this weigh?
  • A. It's 16 pounds.

  • Q. 1.what is the cost of the equipment that you will need to perform this trick?
    2. what is the save distance that the trick can be performed from ?.
    3. I assume this trick requires a 115vac power cord hook up is that correct?
  • A. So basically you will need to provide your own rose (the real flower you have next to the table), white cardstock squares you see him using in the AGT video, and the 4 coins of your choice. You don't HAVE to have the rose, but it's a nice touch since rose petals are incorporated in the routine.

    It is not mechanical, the table is constructed with technology that reveal/hide the coins and petals. Nothing electronic whatsoever.

    One of the most important details to note is that the routine is basically made for low light stage magic. If spectators are close enough and under regular lighting - they will see the secret on the velvet table.

  • SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate
  • Manufactured by: SansMinds Productionz

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