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Voodoo (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Bill Abbott - Trick

  • SKILL LEVEL: Beginner
  • Manufactured by: Bill Abbott Magic


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"VOODOO is a trick concept that i've spent literal decades workshopping and have performed more than any other trick in my repertoire. Unlike the majority of magical effects VOODOO elicits such a strong primal response from audience members. It can be as strong as reading someones mind because the psychological impact is just so strong. Nothing generates such a deep and resounding response than VOODOO."
- Bill Abbott

Masterclass On The Ashes

With the recent popularity of Mark Southworth's Double Cross on tv and social media performances, the transfer of markings to an unsuspecting participants empty hand is something many performers are actively aware of.

The psychological approach of what most magicians are doing in these performances is wrong and the method is being exposed over and over again.

Psychological Secrets Revealed

In VOODOO's in-depth tutorial Bill shows how you can not only mask the secret transfer but how to plant the necessary psychological convincers in the participants mind, so they truly believe you never came near them let alone touched them.

Bill's academic background in psychology and sociology is at the backbone of VOODOO's method, choreography and technique. This knowledge can be applied to any other secret transfer based routine like Heba Haba Al's Sugar Cube trick, or Mark Southworth's Double Cross, etc.

Multiple Methods Unveiled

Bill teaches multiple methods and techniques so you can perform any number of Voodoo presentations on stage, in a living room, at a bar and for those times when you literally have nothing in your pockets but you still want to make serious impact on an audience of any size or a potential client.

Okito's Voodoo Doll

During the in-depth instruction Bill will show how to derive the best action from the supplied rising and falling VOODOO doll. No thread, string, wires or magnets are used to levitate the doll, just an age old method that can be difficult to achieve easily, but with Bills teaching it is made accessible and practical.

The Ash

The secret ash device allows for a quick, clean and invisible transfer that is both extremely practical and easy to use in performance. The self-contained and flexible system allows you to wear shorts and a t-shirt (or full tuxedo!) and still comfortably be ready to perform VOODOO at anytime.

VOODOO Pro Pack Includes:
  • Customized Voodoo Doll
  • Sleek, crush-proof, stainless steel case with spring loaded opening to keep the VOODOO Doll & lighter safe
  • Secret portable Ash delivery system
  • Instructional video with LIVE Performances (instantly available to stream and/or download)
*You will need to supply your own mini Bic lighter, as we legally and safely cannot ship it to you.

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