Wormhole Deck (Blue) by N2G & WZ

Magic lovers, are you tired of those same poker magic? It's time to add a new twist to your magic gallery! Today, we will bring you a mysterious and amazing magic props - "Wormhole Deck"!

Don't look at it is an ordinary pair of playing cards but hidden inside. This is not just a deck of cards, but a magic box that can instantly transform any small object! Whether you want to suddenly appear rings, coins, or want to transfer them instantaneously, as long as you have Wormhole deck, everything is not a problem!

Imagine you're at a party with friends and you pull out a deck of playing cards to perform a simple magic trick for everyone. However, just when everyone thought this was just an ordinary poker magic trick, you suddenly conjured a flower, a beautiful hanging decoration, and even a cute small stuffed toy from the card! This sudden surprise will surely make everyone present dumbfounded and exulted!

Wormhole Deck is not only suitable for magic lovers, but also a great gift for friends and family. Whether it is a birthday, a holiday, or any moment you want to create a surprise, with it, you will be the most beautiful boy!

Don't hesitate, the new magic props Wormhole Deck has been hot! Come to buy, make your magic journey more exciting, become the focus of attention!

Let's open the magic world with Wormhole Deck!

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  • SKILL LEVEL: Beginner
  • Manufactured by: N2G
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