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Coin X Project by Zolo - video DOWNLOAD

Elevate your coin magic! Learn these amazing effects! Imagine the following: Toss a coin into the air - catch it - it vanishes!Hand a spectator a copper coin, while you hold onto a silver coin. Your silver coin turns into a copper coin. The spectator opens their hand - they now have the silver...

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Fusion by Zolo - Video DOWNLOAD

Fusion is based on a secret move that can change anything in the magic world. No need to shell or super shell the coin to do the 3 coins vanish routine. NO GIMMICK You can: - Bend - Change color - Change coin - Coin penetrate any signed card like a fusion This trick has fooled many...

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Spiral by Zolo video DOWNLOAD

Spiral is a secret move like a weapon. It it very important for all magicians. Teleport Change Vanish Force Palm and more. You can use it for every magic tricks routine.

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TiTanic by Zolo video DOWNLOAD

TiTanic is a great visual ring magic trick based on the power given to you by the gimmick. Vanish your ring Transform your ring into other things Vanish your ring to another impossible place Penetrate your ring inside a spectator's card It is very simple, very easy to do, always ready, and resets...

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