Zoo Gag Bag by Lee Alex

Following the success of "Old MacDonald's Gag Bag" comes a new design featuring beloved zoo animals.

The outside of the bag shows the entrance to the zoo where all the animals live. Lots of fun and audience participation as the spectators are encouraged to guess which animals are to be found at the zoo. Lots of noise making and animal actions.

The magician announces that the monkey has gone missing from the zoo, and it is his job to find it with the help of his audience. The children see a picture of a monkey when the bag is turned inside out, however, the magician fails to see it. More and more animals are shown, a different one each time, but the magician never sees the monkey. In the end the magician looks inside the bag and this time the audience sees a silhouette of the monkey - the mischievous monkey has disappeared!

The magician turns around and the monkey is seen attached to his back. Alternatively, the 2D cut out monkey (included) can be found on a spectator's back, or anywhere else you wish. Possibility to sing along to the popular children's song "We're going to the zoo!" or the zoo version of Old MacDonald (yes, it's a thing!!).

Brightly colored designs featuring 6 different zoo animals: Monkey (and silhouette) - Seal - Snake - Elephant - Lion - Bear

Bag measures approx. 30cm x 30cm (12 inches x 12 inches).

"At the Zoo" Gag Bag - unlike the classic gag bag, invented by Cleve Haubold, this bag is:
  • Ultra-thin - The bag is made from a SINGLE piece of fabric!
  • Purpose printed, high quality satin silk fabric
  • Performer is in control of which animal is shown
  • Animals can be shown in any order
  • Show as few or as many animals as required
  • Animals are not prematurely revealed as the bag is turned inside out
Cut out monkey approx. 16cm x 16cm (6 inches x 6 inches)

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  • SKILL LEVEL: Beginner
  • Manufactured by: Lee Alex
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