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Virtual performances aren't going away. So when you need powerful material that reaches through the screen to engage multiple audience members, this collection of eight mentalism presentations delivers. Proven by pros at the height of the pandemic, Zoom Pendulum also includes adaptation tips that allow the majority of its contents to be performed in person - making this ebook a practical investment even for performers who only work virtually on occasion.

Responses to Zoom Pendulum:

"Audiences love being touched emotionally, and Neil Tobin's new book, Zoom Pendulum, is full of effects that will enable you to establish a powerful connection with your audiences. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about entertaining with a pendulum, but learned a great deal from Zoom Pendulum. Highly recommended."

"The biggest challenge in virtual performances is finding material that is both amazing and engaging for the entire audience. Neil's Zoom Pendulum fits the bill perfectly. I've been incorporating Neil's work into every virtual show, and the results are astonishing. Faces light up on the gallery, and the chat fills with comments. The subtleties in the routines Neil provides makes this a must-have for any mystery entertainer performing virtual shows."

"Caution - the material in Neil Tobin's Zoom Pendulum could be dangerous in the wrong hands! We've been performing interactive pendulum effects in our live shows for years. Now we're using pendulums in our online shows, and quite honestly, it is one of the strongest pieces we do. In Zoom Pendulum, Neil reveals how you can give your audience an interactive experience that will generate great reactions and leave lasting impressions."

"Forget an ideomotor response. This book will elicit an ideo-wonder response! If your persona is that of a silly trickster, don't buy this. But if you seek miracles which are as real as real can get, purchase it now."

"Neil Tobin has taken one of the best tools a mentalist has and created some wonderful routines for today's virtual shows. These routines get everyone involved and the magic happens in their hands, and minds. On my first read through, I found two routines I will be doing right away! Neil shares some very clever thinking, routining and scripting here. Recommended!"

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